Once we have conduct a survey of the property and undertake the initial brief, we can then proceed to the Planning Stage.

We will manage the application through the process and keep you updated on progress.

We can also consider any interior designs and kitchen and bathroom design choices.

Any plans to submit to the Council Planning Department for your Planning Permission or Permitted Development Certificate of Lawful Development Application.

Once Planning Approval has been received we can begin to compile the Building Regulations drawings and commission the required Structural Calculations.

After we conduct a survey of the property and undertake the initial brief we will have compiled a schedule of work and then contracts are agreed we will carry out the renovation or development of the property as detailed and begin.

While building control is concerned with the build such as the materials used and the construction the Specification of Works Stage allows us to work with you to create a breakdown of the finishes that we can use to produce a detailed Schedule detailing floor finishes, decoration, electrical fittings and so forth which can then be included with the Planning and Building Package to create the full Quotation ready to send out. This is also the time to include an Interior Designs you would like us to see carried out.

Once we have selected preferred trades and checked references and are confident to move forward, we will be able to prepare and arrange the signing of the Contract.


In order to be confident that what was designed and specified will be built, you will require us to ensure that time-frames are met, costs are tracked and controlled and the quality of finish is maintained and ensure everything runs smoothly and that relations with client remain good.

We are also keen to ensure that our design is completed to a high standard through this final and crucial stage supporting you throughout the build.
Completion Certificates, operating manuals and all the elements that conclude the Build are handed over.

We understand that this can be daunting, it’s a big decision and something that takes time. We are here for any questions you may have, we are more than happy to help.